When you book a car service from Best Motors comes with an industry standard service 48 point check list.

To begin the car service, there are pre engine checks where we check the lights, seat belts, warning and interior lights, the heating, air conditioning, windscreen washers and wipers then lubricate all door hinges and check the fuel cap. Then we go under the bonnet we check the cooling system, the anti freeze, check and record the brake fluid, all drive belts, the engine breather system, vacuum pipes, the power stetting, battery level . We will check and document the tyres and brakes. We will record the condition, tread, pressure and tyre size. With the brake pads we will check the pads, disc and drums and fluid of front and back wheels. If they need replaced we will replace. Next, we raise up your car in your car service and check the oil, fuel lines, the exhaust, axles, gear box oil level, steering and suspension. Then we check the tyres, wheel bearing, clutch and check out the condition of the front and rear brakes and the hand brake Finally will road test your vehicle, check the engine oil leak, stamp your service book and ensure the upholstery and steering wheel are clean.

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